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Trade both 1st rounders for a chance at Berry

Trade both 1st rounders for a chance at Berry

Originally posted by millerb1:
For an OT yes. Not for a safety.

Russell Okung maybe?

LOL That would be even worse than trading both for Berry. We can sit tight and get one of Davis, Williams, or Bulgaga for sure. It would be just stupid to trade up for Okung.

There is not a player in this years draft that I would give up 2 firsts for.
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Originally posted by Overkill:
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Like I said in another thread, I really don't think McCloughan values the secondary, let alone the Safety position all that much. For one, I doubt we go DB in the 1st round, and two, I REALLY doubt McCloughan trades our (or his) two 1st round picks for a Safety.

As much as I like Berry, I'd probably trade a 1st and 2nd for him at the way two 1st round picks. Besides, why do that when we can get:

Earl Thomas
Taylor Mays
Morgan Burnett
Chad Jones
Reshad Jones
Major Wright
Robert Johnson
Kam Chancellor

Can you say......DEEP!!!

Why do you think Scot doesn't value the secondary? He's drafted several DB's and brought in several expensive FA's (unless you really want to argue that Scot was against bringing in those guys). The fact that the highest he's drafted a DB is the 3rd round could be explained by his view of our team needs and the talent available in rounds 1 & 2 during those years. There are a ton of positions that he hasn't spent a 1st or 2nd round pick on. I don't think that means he doesn't care about those positions.

"All that much" as in the valuing them in the 1st round. I'm basing it off his history of drafting and in 2006 he mentioned that, he rather spend money on the secondary than drafting them in the 1st round.
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Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
you know berry wont be picked till maybe the 5th pick

1 claussen
2. suh
3. mccoy
4. okung
5. berry

we can trade our 13th pick and our second round pick for him which i wouldnt mind doing at all

I hope that's Gerald McCoy and not Colt.
If Berry makes it past the top 3 I would trade a 1st, 2nd and a pick next year to move up and get him, then use our other 1st rounder on an OT.

Berry has been compared to Reed and Polamalu, and when you see the difference those guys make on a game . . . it would definitely be worth it.
Last night I dreamed that I was the niners GM and I drafted berry with our 13th pick and cj spiller with our 16th.

I must be crazy. but I wouldn't mind having Taylor mays either. He hits like a beast.
Originally posted by Snider8706:

I must be crazy. but I wouldn't mind having Taylor mays either. He hits like a beast.
is he a GOOD coverage safety?
Originally posted by DarthNiner:
you dont think that we can find good enough safeties in the later rounds???
Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
f**k no
Originally posted by tohara3:
Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
f**k no
no chad or reshad jones, no darell stuckey, no larry asante?
Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
f**k no
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Had to vote No with a captial N..... With a number of great free agents coming up we can fill in any area we like plus solidify 2 different postions through the draft just on the first day......
Umm no. Love the kid but no.
This just isn't any safety. Berry's the best safety prospect to come along since Sean Taylor.

If we're planning on using one of our picks on Thomas or Mays I say f that and get the cream of the crop.
HELL NO!!! Berry should be a good pro but we have "NEEDS"!!!!