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My top 10 for the week:

2) Jared Valdeer- The smoothest, best OL on the field this week. Very mobile and a knee bender, which separates him from almost all the competitors from this game. Could sneak into the second round, but I think will be a high 3rd rounder. However, he will reportedly run under 5.00 at the combine, and that would be huge for him.

Valdeer is a player that I've been loosely monitoring. Is he a legit OT, or more of a career back up who might turn into something down the road? If he is legit, could he be a low cost, value pick to compete for the RT spot with the Niners?

Based on the game he's a developmental project at best. It will be interesting to see what he does at the combine. Is he really the most athletic lineman in the draft at 6'8 and 315 pounds or is he just someone who got away with inflating his triangle numbers because he went to a school no one heard of?

Either way he's not an instant at tackle which is something we desperately need.

Don't be concerned with the sacks he allowed in the game. His stock isn't going to drop at all. In fact, after the combine, it may rise even further.

Veldheer, like Staley after allowing 3 sacks in the Senior Bowl, will be unaffected and still will be drafted within the first four rounds this year. I guarantee you he will not fall past the fifth. Too much raw talent and freakish athleticism to go with it. Scouts were amazed with the guy at practice last week.

The game can hurt you if you were so-so in practice, and then underperform. That swings scouts into believing you can't get it done.

If you have a rough practice, and shine in the game, it may be that "you just had a bad week."

If you have a consistently terrific week, beating everyone one on one, but have some poor moments in the game, the worst from a single game that they take is "He's got all the tools, but needs a little coaching here or there, and that's what we have -- coaches."

Believe me, his stock will stay.

Some other players who helped themselves last week are:

DE/OLB Adrian Tracy, William & Mary -- Reportedly looked exceptionally natural in transition.
DE/OLB Junior Galette, Stillman
E.J. Wilson, North Carolina (2 sacks)

All these players had great practice weeks as well as great games.