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9erHIGH 5 round Mock

for the most part this is what i would do if i were GM,
and not a reflection of what i think scotty will do.

1. RT b.bulaga or t.williams

1a. SAM b.graham -cuz spiller will be gone

2. PR/KR/WR or m.gilyard

3. SS c.cook (depending on how brass feels about c.taylor/r.smith.
i dont think they feel very good about either one, but if they feel
that between those 2, m.roman and m.lewis they can hold off one
more year than i think they take either j.jerry or m.johnson at OG)

4. TE j.graham - instand red-zone nightmare and unlimited potential

5. ILB m.johnson - has the physical tools to develop into solid TED
I You address our needs so I could go with this. If Spiller was there would you take him?
I like that someone else is high on Jimmy Graham. Tight end might not be a need this offseason, but Graham looks like he could develop into a nice threat as a receiver and a blocker.
Originally posted by English:

good point
OG is widely considered one of the easiest and most likely postions to fill in Free agency. I am very much a proponent of OT and BPA in first round, and would likely go BPA first since we are looking for a left Tackle and they dont need to be quite as athletic.
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I think Brandon Graham would be our Will and not our Sam. But overall good Mock, I also like the pick of Jimmy Graham, showed good receiver skills, still wish we would've kept Bear Pascoe though.
Not a bad mock
Originally posted by lamontb:
Originally posted by English:

good point

honestly, even tho baas gets bashed a lot on these boards,
i think he played pretty well once his foot/ankle healed up.

chilo will improve and snyder will be able to focus on guard
since we will have staley back at LT, pashos(hopefully) and
a rookie battling it out at RT with sims as a capable backup.

so between baas, snyder, rachal and wragge, i feel ok
about our guard situation. i would look at FA and i would
look at OG in rounds 6 and 7 along with RB and K.

remember, after alex took over, our OL played pretty ok,
he had a little time to throw which should be even better
with staley back and either pashos or the rook, and run
lanes started to come back with improved ability to throw.
i think all those things will continue to improve with a 2nd
year in the same offense.
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