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New Mav Mock v2.0!

Okay guys I've waited until after the senior bowl to relase a new mock. Some stocks have risen and other lowered. Version 3 will be released post combine. Let me know what you guys think.

1a: Bryan Bulaga OT, Iowa: RT is most thought of as the #1 priority and I have to agree. Not only does this fill that great need but I LOVE THIS GUY! Great size strength and plays with a mean streak. Could be a great paring with him and Staley on the sides.

2a: Brandon Graham, DE/OLB, Mitchigan: Wow what a senior bowl week! He definatly came out this week and showed everyone what he's all about. Good size, strength, and speed. MOTOR MOTOR MOTOR! Will be a dominate SAM for our 3-4.

2: Chad Jones, SS, LSU: A stand out player for a solid defensive unit. Very rangy and has a nose for the ball. Can also lay the wood! Could be a starter from day 1.

3. Vladimir Ducasse OT/G, Mass: Had a great week in Mobile. Still raw but has a TON of upside. What a great prospect for Solari. Very natural size, strenght, and feel for the game. Very athletic and could pull. May be a perfect fit for LG at the pro level. Possible day 1 starter.

4. Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson: Were you waiting for the special teams return guy and WR deep threat? Possible 4.3 speed with return experience. A great upgrade. Can instantly contribute on ST.

5. Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas State: Will he fall to rd.5? Good players dive every year and 3-4 DE's don't seem to get very much hype. Had a good week at Mobile and can add some depth/project for the D-line.

6. BPA/Depth

7. BPA/Depth

Thanks for reading, have at it....

Go niners!
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i dont like it
I too like Bulaga. I am just not sure he will be the best ROT for our system. I agree, he plays with a nasty streak and I love that!

Graham would be awesome as well. I think he stock is going to sky rocket after a solid combine ala Robert Ayers and will not be available at #16/17.

Ducasse will not be available in the 3rd round, he is projected as a late 1st/early 2nd round pick.

I am not sure Ford will be there in the 4th but if he was it would be great value.

If we were able to get Bulaga, Graham and Jones I think we would be very happy.

Good job.
ford will not be there in the 4th. very possible he will go early second.
i'd even be willing to take him with our second if we havent already
addressed the need and guys like k.wilson and p.cox are gone.

i really like c.jones at safety, but i think we could find a very good
player with our 3rd rounder like m.burnett, r.johnson, c.cook or k.chancellor.

finding a dynamic playmaking returner who can also contribute in other areas
will be much more difficult to fill in the 3rd, but not impossible.
Good work, I like it. Also, every draft never goes as expected. The good news is someone like Bey gets picked early and someone really good is available. So if Bulaga is chosen then someone else will be there. We know [or think we do] that Suh, Berry and the very special one's will be gone. I also feel 2 QBs will be gone so at 13/16-17 we are in a great spot to move down or pick or trade.

I can't wait for the draft. Thanks for te good post.
Bulaga and Graham I like but the rest of the players you selected may not even be there by the time we pick in those respective rounds.
Would be nice but Ducasse and Ford are probably going a round ahead of where you have them
Originally posted by DynastyPart2:

Graham would be awesome as well. I think he stock is going to sky rocket after a solid combine ala Robert Ayers and will not be available at #16/17.

I don't see Graham going much higher than 15ish because of his size. Not that I don't think he'd be worth it, I just think teams picking up there will be a little hesitant because of that and might go with JPP over him for that reason.
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