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The all offensive mock (mostly)

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I would be floored if we took a Qb before the 5th round..waaaaaaaaaaaay too many needs. We have Alex and drafted a QB in waiting last year...So not a fan of this mock...sorry
Originally posted by krizay:

We are closer to needing one then you want to realize. Then when that time comes. We have to wait how many years for him to be ready? We get the "right guy" now and when time comes for him to be ready to paly. Put him in. He doesn't have to start right now.
I realize that alex is either a beast or a bust...we have got nate davis for the latter case.
and like the previous said it right: we have got too many needs "as that we could draft a qb in the first or the 2nd...).
IF lefevour projected to be gone by the 3rd at the latest and he is still there in the 4th, I would draft him because I love steals.
Originally posted by pupsingh:
i like this but is it really possible to get merrimen and otogwe in free agency?

If you were able to get them, a big if, you would have to give up draft picks
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