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Spiller vs. Best

lets take them both.
Best in the second, but I doubt he lasts that long. I'm not really a fan of Spiller.
I have seen Best Play more then Spiller. I like them both and it really depends on the way the draft goes. If there are 2 of the 4 OT they like at 13 I would like then to trade down and pick up and extra 2nd round pick. take the OT at 17 and BPA with other 1st rounder. that could be a FS, CB, OLB, OL, or RB C. Johnson went 24 what if spiller is still there? not likely but maybe. with 2 second round picks try to get Best at the top of the second round and BPA with the other second round pick. Now if there is only one OT they like at 13 I hope they take him then BPA at 17 if that is Spiller great
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