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Arizona TE Gronkowski declares

Originally posted by Kalen49ers:

I Love repetition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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u da man ab! thanks for posting this.
i was wondering what he was gonna do.
even after missing the year, i would take him early second,
or even very late in the 1st should we find ourselves moving picks.
he has the natural pass catching ability that davis lacks (i.e. less drops)
and his height posses a much better red zone target than anything
that we currently have. this guy is a real chain mover.

i wouldnt mind taking him and using d.walker in much more of a backup role.

probably not the best strategy tho since i think we just extended walker (yes?)
and we have so many other holes to fill...

but can you imagine how many timeouts opp DCs will be forced to take
when they see us trot d.walker, davis and gronkowski on the field
on 3rd and goal from the 3!!! we could spread um all out, we could
stack them on the line and run... a lot of options.
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