Love Bulaga at 13!! For anyone who's not sold on his blocking ability, put on the tape and watch the Orange Bowl. He dominated Morgan almost the whole game and was very impressive in the run game. He's got a nasty attitude and comes from a school that does well in teaching fundamentals to it's Olineman. BTW he's a LT currently not a G, like some have mistaken.

IMO-- Bulaga at 13 is all that I care about in the draft, we can go BPA from there out. RT HAS to be fixed for us to move out of this rut. Our team has very few 'strengths' that can't be upgraded via this draft. TE is good, MLB is good (but could use a 2nd one to replace Spikes??), RB is good but need depth, P is good and that's it. We could literally take the best player in the next few spots and have potential starters. Not in love w/Kindle but would be happy with him.