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Where will Syd'Quan Thompson Go?

Havent you heard we dont pick Cal players...
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I've seen Thompson going all over the map, everywhere from mid-1st round all the way to the third round.

If we pass on Joe Haden at #13 or #16/17, I think he could be a great option in the second round.

Pass on Haden? He may not be there when we pick.

Thompson in the 2nd would be horrific value. I would seriously question what Scottie is thinking if he selected Thompson, a small, poor-tackling, non-physical corner who would be nothing more than a dime-back for us, where there will be better players (based on my observations) all the way up to the 4th round. I can name about 10 corners I'd take over Thompson.

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He's kinda small and slow and a poor tackler. No thanks.

poor tackler??? obviously this is not the same guy your talking about because he's one of the better tacklers on Cal's D.

and that makes him a good tackler? Because Cal is such a great tackling team?

wow get out of here! u know what i'm saying. the cat can flat out tackle good!
Squid in the 2nd round?

Heck No

maybe a 5th-6th rounder.

he wont go that high because his size
Would draft him in the 4th. Needs to put in a lot of work if he wants to succeed at the next level.

So he struggles his last few games and now he's a 6th rounder?

Let me tell you a few things about Syd: he's a 4-year starter, contrary to some posts in this thread a very fine tackler and not afraid to come down in run support (ala Clements). Like someone mentioned on here as well he'll probably run in the 4.3-4.4 range which would add a great asset to this D (speed). Excellent work ethic, dude is simply committed to getting better and better.

Now I understand the knocking on him because he arguably regressed rather than improved this year from his previous seasons, but there is no denaying this kid has the talent to play at the next level (no he won't be a #1, but coaches will find ways to put him on the field). I would give you more info such as All PAC-10 honors but I'm on my BB at the moment.

Did I mention this kid is also a punt returner? Anyone remember the last Cal kid that was being knocked for his height/weight? Obviously WR and CB are different positions but don't just brush Syd off.

Right now I agree he's 4th round talent but I am confident he has what it takes to rise on the boards after the Senior Bowl and combine.

I predict him going in the 3rd and making whatever team picks him very happy. And yes I would love to have this kid, but not with that 2nd round pick.I just think our coaching staff will be able to maximise his potential.
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