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My first mock offseason

Offseason Moves:
Lets go:

Mark Roman- the guy has done his best work to date this year, however we decide it is time for a permanent change.

Walt Harris- He was good for us but is getting older and older, time to pick one up his replacement in the draft.

Adam Snyder- This guy has been a major problem with picking up the passrush this season, hes gone, making room for FA changes.

Issac Bruce- One of the greatest WRs of all time, he retires and we build on our younger corps of WRs.

Arnaz Battle- Has been okay, but okay no longer cuts it. He also was horrible as a stop gap PR. We let him go to make room for our draft picks.


Vernon Davis- lock him up now for the long haul before he does start breaking the records and commands even more money.

Patrick Willis- We keep the nucleas of our soon to be top 5 D intact for the next decade.

Ahmad Brooks- He has proven what he can do with the opportunity, he allows us to put constant pressure with our OLB's. Brooks, Manlaw and whoever they draft in 2010. High reward low risk type player that could help take this D to the next level.

Aubrayo Franklin- Playing the 1 gap has worked wonders for his game. We keep him he could be a probowler in years to come.

Free Agent additions:

Marcus Mcneil- He will help our O line and with Sproles, Jackson and Merriman needing contracts Chargers let him go.

O.J. Atogwhe
- He is dating Sing's daughter lol Sing wants to keep family close, will be our FS. Goldson and him become a terror in the secondary.

2010 NFL Draft:

I think with both of us 8-8 we get our pick at 12 and carolinas at 14

1a. Joe Haden- We pick up Spencers bookend giving us a great secondary going into 2010. Haden is as lock down as they come and has great recovery speed. During Floridas bowl game with Cincy he pitched a shut out matched man to man with Mardy Gilyard.

1b. CJ Spiller- Many people might not like this pick saying it is a luxury pick but i beg to differ. Spiller provides needs at a few positions. Coffee isn't the change of pace we needed, Spiller can take it ouside the tackles, something Gore can't. He becomes even more dangerous with his WR capabilities as he has been used there as well. He becomes a triple threat with the PR/KR game he is capable of bringing. That alone has cost us a few games Spiller imediately upgrades all of those.

2. My first pick would be Mike Iupati but i have a feeling he is long gone by here so i go with Selvish Capers WVU

3. Brandon Graham, i hope he drops here but if not Eric Norwood SC.

4. Jacoby Ford- The speed he brings to the field will keep defenses honest, can you picture our O with Davis, Spiller, Ford, Hill and Crabs? Scary to say the least.

-I think our O line issues are addressed with our FA moves as well a our second round pick in the draft.

- We add Graham to our already dangerous D line allowing us to keep fresh legs on the field at all times with the rotation of Brooks, Lawson, Haralson and now Graham.

- We add speedy weapons for Smith or Davis with Spiller who can do damadge outsite the tackles and Ford, who is faster than Spiller scary.

- We address our porous secondary with a proven commodity in Atogwhe an the top corner in the draft in Haden.

Its my first but don't go easy let me know what you guys think?
[ Edited by kstolai on Jan 3, 2010 at 2:36 PM ]
I stopped reading after your free agency.

You pretty much have us signing 3 franchise players right there.

We'd be lucky if we could sign one of those guys. Let alone 2...but 3 is just a joke.

Oh and if we took Capers in the 2nd round I'm going on a rampage. WTF is the point of drafting him if we supposedly sign McNeil in free agency?
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