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Iupati vs Albert

Originally posted by GEEK:
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So could the Niners draft the BPA at RT with their 1st pick, and then trade down lower in the 1st or early second and still draft Iupati with a later pick?

Iupati is a 1st round lock IMO. I'd say between 10-20 range right now. His stock could go up depending on the senior bowl/combine performance of other OLmen

I agree. I think he'll go around 15. This OT class is not as strong as last year for sure. Too much player here to pass.
Originally posted by MadMartz:
Lupati wont get drafted by the niners.... Scotty has made it very clear that he will not invest a lot of money in a Gaurd. Its not going to happen!

Scott McCloughan drafted Steve Hutchinson in the middle of the first round. He also drafted Baas and Rachal at the top of the second round.

He has said, "You can find guards..." but his actions defy his words.
I pray that we draft Iupati, and move him to LT, and Staley to RT, sign FA Mankins, and we will have at least a top 10 OL for sure.
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