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Mock Draft/ trade down with Patriots

FA: G Stephen Neal or best G available.


1. A. C.J. Spiller RB Clemson

- Berry, is gone, so we must go BPA on this pick and I believe it is Spiller. On the surface this looks like a luxury pick, which it is, but it also fills many needs. Spiller will return kicks from day one and will be a change-of-pace back for Gore. He is excellent in pass-protection as well and a perfect fit for our new spread offense. He can extend Gore's career and provides excellent insurance should Gore go down with an injury. Coffee won't cut it.

- TRADE DOWN from pick #15 with New England for pick #25 and pick up one of their 3 second round picks at #57. (The deal works perfectly according to the draft value chart --> pick 15 is worth 1050 points and pick #25 and pick #57 total 1050 points). With three second round picks, New England can afford to trade up to get a playmaker to help retool their offense and get an additional weapon for Brady (Dez Bryant maybe?).

1. B. Brandon Graham OLB Michigan

- It's time to REALLY make our pass-rush a strength of this team, and Graham would help do just that. flat out dominated against quality opponents in a BCS conference known for producing top quality offensive tackles. Double-teams did not phase this guy and should become a starter relatively quickly or even right away. If Brooks continues his improvement, he and Graham could be our starters at OLB w/ Haralson and Lawson to rotate in as depth. If he is not there select Jerry Hughes from TCU.

2. A. Jason Fox RT Miami

- After Fox the talent at OT drops considerably, and if we have to trade a 4th rounder to move up to the top of the second to get him we should do it. Will start at RT from day one and help fix our O-line issues on the right side. Getting him here allows us to select 2 top-level talents in the first round and still get a quality starting RT to go next to Rachal.

2. B. T.J. Ward SS Oregon

- I'm with OTC on this one. I love this guy and is much needed insurance if/when Michael Lewis has another concussion and is forced to retire. He could step in effectively and we wouldn't miss a beat. He falls this far only because of an ankle injury sustained against Boise St. early in the year in a game where he was all over the field making plays.

3. Devin McCourty CB Rutgers

- I never want to see Keith Smith on the field ever again and have a repeat of the Seattle game. We need to continue to accumulate talent and depth at the CB position if we are to compete for a Super Bowl against the likes of the Saints, and McCourty helps us here. He not only can cover, but he is a leader and would be a special teams asset right away. Clements won't be here forever, and we need a CB with some NFL seasoning in a year or two to step in fill the void left by a departing Clements.

4. A. Marcus Easley, WR Connecticut

- He is 6'2 216 pounds and runs a sub 4.5 40. + OTC likes him and that is good enough for me this late in the draft. I really wanted Gilyard but Easley is a nice consolation, and we need more weapons to make our offense even more explosive. Add Easley and Spiller to this offense with Davis and Crabtree and this offense could become scary (pending Alex Smith's continued improvement). Will fill out our WR corp with Crabtree, Morgan, Jones, Hill, and Easley.

4. B. John Jerry G Mississippi

-trade a 6th with our 5th to move into the end of the fourth round and snag Jerry. Not sure how well he fits into our new spread offense, and if not just substitute the best G available for depth.

7. Chris Marinelli OT Stanford

- competes with Boone for backup RT spot on the roster.

Depth Chart

QB - Smith, Davis, Hill
RB - Gore, Spiller, Coffee, Robinson, Norris
WR - Crabtree, Morgan, Jones, Hill, Easley
TE - Davis, Walker, Finley
OL - Staley, Neal, Heitmann, Rachal, Fox
Sims, Baas, Wallace, Jerry, Marinelli/Boone, Wragge

DL - Soap, Franklin, Smith, McDonald, Balmer, Evans
LB - Graham, Willis, Spikes, Lawson, Haralson, McKillop, Brooks
CB- Clements, Spencer, Brown, McCourty, Goldson, Ward, Lewis, Smith, Hudson

LS - Jennings
K - Nedney
P - Lee

This is my first mock, any thoughts? Good, bad?

[ Edited by ezekiel40 on Dec 18, 2009 at 17:19:09 ]
New England is known for trading down (and gathering more picks) and not up. Belichik is known in developing mid-round to late-round talents into starters.
Love the TJ ward pick!
For a newer poster, this is a nice mock.

Patriots probably wouldn't do this -- so it may be unrealistic, but the draft is plausible, and that's what is important.
Not bad. One luxury pick (Spiller) and a bunch of need fulfillment picks (O line and Secondary help). Really like the Graham pickup later in the first to solidify the pass rush.
Originally posted by DarthNiner:
New England is known for trading down (and gathering more picks) and not up. Belichik is known in developing mid-round to late-round talents into starters.

I realize this but they may not have that luxury at this point. WR in this class is weak after Dez Bryant and Brady needs another passing threat opposite Moss. Their other WRs (other than Welker) are just not very good. They need an impact player like Bryant, and to get hiim they WILL have to trade up. Bryant is their reward for accumulating picks the last couple years. Not a bad reward either and Bryant at #15 would be good value as well.

They have 3 second round picks too, so if they trade one they would still be in great position to pick up two other quality players in the second round.

That was my reasoning behind the trade.
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
For a newer poster, this is a nice mock.

Patriots probably wouldn't do this -- so it may be unrealistic, but the draft is plausible, and that's what is important.

thanks OTC! i am a new poster but i've read the zone for a couple years and really enjoy your draft analysis.

Would the Pats consider this to trade up for Dez Bryant OTC? i posted my reasoning behind the trade above. What do you think?

[ Edited by ezekiel40 on Dec 18, 2009 at 18:39:03 ]
I wouldn't be upset with this at all. Spiller in the first is looking more appealing. Does anyone know if we passed on Trent Williams and other 1st round rated ROT, is there that much of a dropoff to the Jason Fox's of the world in the 2nd round.
this may be the yr the pats should look into trading up whether for offense or especially defense. theyre not as dominant as they used to be and need all the talent they can get.
I'm sorry I just can't stand drafts with proposed trades...especially ones so ill thought out.

You think the pats will trade up to draft a receiver with the way their defense has been playing?

Great job. Would be happy with that draft.
This is a pretty good mock. Nice job
Thanks for the input so far guys. I read a lot from you all here on the zone when I analyze the draft and most of the knowledge I have comes from here. So thanks! And I never mind the criticism so criticize away if you don't like it! I sure don't take myself too seriously when it comes to a mock draft. I just want my beloved niners to be back on top where they belong!
Fine post. I appreciate your logic and I feel it would be a productive draft.
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