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New Draft Countdown Mock

Originally posted by grizzlyadams:
No Trent Williams. I've watched every college fame he's played. He had a horrible year. Think Kwame Harris!

I'm not a fan of Trent Williams either, but I'm trying not to make this year as the sole reason not to select him. He was dominant last year on the RIGHT side. They moved him on the left this year and worked with an inexperienced o-line.
mays that high? i wouldn't mind him getting beat by VD and crabs twice a year! I think they don't know what they are talking about with spencer! Dude is legit!! But this pick of haden, all comes down to what we do with Nate! I personally want to keep him, as a cb, or s! HE CAN TACKLE! Do the steelers really take spiller? Didn't they just draft mendenhall? That hurts that dez and CJ get taken right before us! Not that they are a top priority, but just the sexy picks!
I feel like Haden's ears are going to start flapping and he flies away...
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I'd be shocked if Bradford goes #1 overall. I would love to see the Rams take him #1 but I just can't see that happening.

I think rams would most likely trade down or just take other Top talent instead

can you please ellaborate how Trent WIlliams seems to be a bust or boom player? I've seen alot of people crossing trent off their draft list

I'm an OU fan & have watched all of Trent's games. Last year, he showed promise. This year, he was terrible. Way too many false starts, holding. The team could not run the ball & Williams wasn't helpful in that area. He also struggled in pass protection. Either he got lazy in the off-season, or he can't handle LT. He played RT last year.
Exactly what the team needs, OT and CB. I'd be fairly happy with that outcome in the first round. I'd love to see the team snag Berry.......but I highly doubt he'll be around when we pick.
Fellas read my "lips we need speed!" If you look at our team compared to the eagles then you know that we need speed and badly! my first choice with the first pick is ta dah! Cj spiller the second first round pick is ta dah Colt Mccoy! I can see it now Colt Mccoy to Michael Crabtree touchdown. With the second round pick we go Jerry hughes from Tcu. With us drafting Mccoy we would have to trade alex for a second rounder and we get spikes ilb from florida. I can see it now the sack by hughes and the fumble recovery by spikes. spikes stoppes runner for loss and the have to punt and the rookie spiller takes it 80 yards for touchdown forty- niners! Well what do you guys think
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