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Ricky Sapp is crazy similiar to Gaines Adams

Not even close. Totally different players. Sapp is more like Manny than anyone. He's quick, but very weak at the point of attack.
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I think if Gaines Adams played backer in 3-4, he would have been a more successful player. He was too small to play DE in 4-3. If he was given an opportunity to play in space, he could have used his speed and quickness more effectively.

I think Sapp is a perfect 3-4 OLB. I like him in mid-2nd round.
I don't think Sapp has had the production to warrant a first round pick, or certainly not one of our first rounders. Even before the ACL tear (and I give him a lot of credit for working to play as well as he did this year), he never came close to the production Gaines had at Clemson.

I like Sapp as a situational rusher, but I wouldn't burn one of our first rounders on him.

It's interesting that Sapp has put on 15 pounds since finishing the season when he struggled to put on weight his entire career.
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We better not pick him then, he'll just be dead in a few years.

I shouldn't of laughed but now I'm going to hell for sure

Hey..$hit happens.
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