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Mcshay mock draft

As of right now, here is the likelihood of the Niners' highest draft pick (let's just say it is in the projected 7-10th overall pick), in my opinion:
1) T. Williams- 40% chance (likely will be the second OT drafted, and would be a solid fit at RT for the team)
2) A. Davis- 15% chance (has not declared to this point, but will be a player under serious consideration if he does come out and work out well, which I expect)
3) R. Okung- 15% chance (is likely the top OT in the draft, but the top LT rarely drops below the top handful of picks).
4) E. Berry- 8% chance (simply not very likely, but could slide on draft day due to team needs).
5) J. Haden- 7% chance (the Niners have bigger pressing needs, but if he runs like the wind, and the team has plans to dump Clements this offseason, then he becomes a legitimate target).
6) D. Morgan- 5% chance (appears to be the favorite to be the star pass rusher of the draft. Seems to be a perfect fit for a 4-3 team, but stranger things have happened).
7) The field- 10% chance (I really cannot image many other players contending for the Niners' attention in the draft; there is the outside chance the team could look at QB if Smith tanks the last few games; or a player explodes onto the scene, like a Ricky Sapp; or the team cannot pass up on Dez Bryant; however, all of these scenarios just seem unlikely)

I simply think the smart money is clearly on Williams right now.

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^^ Agreed in that the most likely scenario for that first 1st round pick is an OT. Davis is definitely the more intriguing player (IMO) given his potential upside compared to Williams, and his ability to play LT in the event Staley continues to play below expectations. I guess I'd be ok with either one, though my preference would be to grab a dynamic playmaker like Spiller with that first one, then go best OL available.

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