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Tebow to Jags . . . wink nod ?

LOL whos gonna trade up in the 1st for tebow?? who in the hell will take tebow in the 1st?? time and time again especially this yr tebow showed so many flaws in his mechanics, passing and reading coverages. whats gonna happen in jax when the fans realize he sucks as a qb?? the jags will be back where they started, no one coming to the gms
THe Jags drafting Tebow is a desperation move intended to increase ticket sales. The Jags can't come close to selling out the seats. They routinely have 20 - 30K empty seats.

Drafting Tebow might boost ticket sales in the short term but would that be a good decision? I don't think so.. Tebow has horrible mechanics and will require a lot of work by a good QB coach to break him down and build him into a serviceable NFL QB. I see that as at least a 2 or more year process. But supposing he never pans out, gets hurt, then what?

The NFL should call it what it is. JAX is not a viable NFL market and the team should be moved to LA.
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