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49ers future 2010 NFL draft

our LBs would be best in the NFL for 10 years
Originally posted by rspinale:
Logan Mankins



1 Rolando McClain ILB- This pick is a luxury. We add the best player that makes us a really really great defense. Compared to Ray Lewis. He is a good playmaker and who comes up with sacks that we need. Spikes replacement and can play inside and outside.

1 Anthony Davis OT- For some reason I like him the best out of tackles except Okung. Big, mauler and would be great on the right side next to Rachal. We would really be able to run on the right side with those to guys. Singletary wants to run and this is how he can do that.

2 Sergio Kindle OLB- Still need a pass-rusher. If we can get to the quarterback our defense makes a lot more turnovers. Our linebackers would probably be the best unit in the NFL.

3 Perrish Cox CB- Big corner gives us a pretty good cover guy. Good KR as well I believe. We need some help at this position

4 Joe McKnight RB/KR/PR- We need an explosive weapon on offense hopefully this guy can be a poor man’s Reggie Bush and have some big-play potential. Also helps the return game

5 Reggie Stephens OG- Massive guard that gives us depth behind Mankins and Rachal. Can handle the massive nose-tackles due to his size. Our o-line now has some depth and can handle is made for running or passing.

6 Al Woods NT

7 S

The right side of the o-line is made for running. Davis will be an elite right tackle and Rachal I believe will be a great guard, while both excel in the running game. Staley and Mankins gives us an athletic pass protecting blindside, while Heitmann is always solid in the middle. McClain and Kindle gives us the best linebackers unit in the NFl allows us to spot the run and get to the passer. McClain is going to have a Ray Lewis impact in the NFL. Kindle is the pass rusher we are missing. McKnight can hopefully be a great playmaker for us giving us speed that we are missing. Al Woods gives us nose tackle depth and maybe can develop like he was supposed to in college. Cox gives us a big corner and finaly gives us a playmaker.

Any thoughts???

Ron with Willis im down for that. those 2 guys we'd be like the vikings with the williams wall. But at Mlb If we don't go saftey and he's on the board clearly he's the best player.
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Originally posted by MertonHanks:
I'd be thrilled if we could pick up McKnight in the 4th.

Love USC but hate Joke Mc. Knight !.. This guy doesnt run tough, fumbles and would come to a crowded backfield..
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
ILB with our first pick? No thanks. He will be a good player but we have much more pressing needs. Tell ne how an inside backer is more important to the development of the Niners than an OT, an OLB, a shut down corner, and ball hawking safety, and a franchise potential QB.

One simple reason: not every player drafted develops the way you expect. In fact, the success % is incredibly low. It would be nice to identify an OL we could get and pencil him in for the next 10 pro bowls, but if we are picking him based on need, than chances are hes a worse player than the ILB we passed on.

I would rather draft a Ray Lewis as a luxury than a Baas,Staley,Rachal as a need.
I personally am open to BPA with both of our 1st round picks. I wouldn't mind D. Bryant, Suh, Spiller, McClain, Graham, Iupati, or whoever it could be that would be instant starters for the team. But when we are done we need to draft to our needs as well. We need at least 3 olinemen in this offseason - RT, OG, backup OC. We also need a punt returner, outside rusher, and FS/CB. So lets go get her done.
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