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Franklin, Baas

1st- Anthony Davis OT Rutgers
"fluid, good footwork to reach defenders on edge, great range as pass blocker, extends arms well with jolting punch, good balance in space, can get impatient, not as physical in-line run blocker "

1st- Ricky Sapp OLB Clemson
"raw but gifted athlete, ideal 3-4 OLB, fluid in pass game, natural dropping into coverage, good first step, quickly changes direction, sudden with good lateral quickness, lacks lower strength, can struggle against run, explosive slipping blocks, closes on ball quickly"

2nd - Ed Dickson TE Oregon
"explosive big play threat, speed to separate and get down seam, good lateral quickness, not sharp out of routes, can float down field, not over physical blocking but gets it done, blocks down field better, needs polish"

3rd- Brandon Ghee CB Wake Forest
"bump or off man coverage, NFL press corner, good closing speed and first step, big physical player, strength to re-route WR, explosive, 2nd gear, brings wood, great range, impressive straight line speed, flips hips well, uses frame to screen WR, footwork can get choppy"

4th - Eric Decker WR Minnesota
"big smooth possesion WR, good route runner, plucks the ball, productive but enough to separate, lacks top end speed, can run route tree and get cleanly out of breaks, natural instincts, recovering from injury"

5th - TJ Ward FS Oregon
"tackling machine but more hitter, plays big with abandon, good first step out of break and closes quickly, solid instincts, reads run/pass quickly, clean footwork, flips hips quickly, lacks 2nd gear and range"

6th - Reggie Stephens G Iowa
"physical run blocker, handled top competition"

7th - Brandon James RB Florida
"KR and 3rd down back, electrifying in open field, quick second gear, natural in pass game, catches well, tackled too easily"

All comments from NFP, NFL Draft Scout and mixed with my own comments

I wouldn't count on any of the players from round 3 to 5 being available at those spots. (In the next mock I'm currently working up, I've got Ward tabbed for the early third. Too good of a player to go in the 5th.)

Well it was the ideal mock not the realistic mock

Anyway, Ward probably will go 3rd to top of 4th after the combine as his foot speed is not all that great but his instincts make up for it.

Decker we will need to see how his injury heals to rank him.

Ghee I am not really sure where he will go right now. He is not having as big a year as I thought he would.