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Spiller or Best

Watching this live sitting behind the UCLA band made it even sweeter!!! And it looks like he catches the pitch at his own endzone so it was like 100yds unofficially
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
It's nice he plays for Cal, but homerism doesn't equate to truth.

Spiller is better than Best, and is a multi-dimensional player that can beat you in virtually any way on the field.

As seen, he can blow right by you as a receiver. And as a runner. AND as a returner. This is what will make him a 1st round pick. Barring injury, there's not a chance Spiller falls out of the first. Not in my mind.
Originally posted by teeohh:
I want Spiller and a RT in the first round

If Eric Berry and Taylor Mays are both off the board by the time we pick in the 1st round, I say we go with CJ Spiller and Bryan Bulaga. Not in that order exactly.
I'm a Clemson fan, but I would honestly go with C.J. due to his receiving and return abilities. He can break a game wide open in so many plays. I also wonder what his production would have looked like the last couple of years without having to share the ball with James Davis. He would probably be a surefire top ten pick in that scenario. I also think it's worth mentioning that Clemson's OL has only been really good for one of Spiller's seasons. I know the Niners need work on the OL as well, but I'm excited about seeing him get a chance to play with an improved OL no matter where he goes.

Check the CJ's latest 50+ yard TD from last Saturday. Very nice double cut in the hole and then acceleration through four defenders without being touched. His second TD has a nice cut at the 5 yard line as well.

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