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Who can address our need at Right Tackle?

Originally posted by znk916:
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
If I were a betting man right now, I'd say the two first rounders were Niners' jerseys one year from now: Taylor Mays and Trent Williams.

I can def see us taking Mays because of the way McCloughan has gone after combine freaks in the past years. Berry is better but Carolina's pick simply won't be high enough to get him because there are easily at least 5 teams worse than them this year.

Would you take Iupati over Trent Williams? I'd take either, but alot depends on whether Rachal shows any improvement the rest of this year, and whether Pashos can take over RT since Snyder hasn't, isn't, and probably won't ever be the answer at RT.

Pashos would have to look a lot better for the Niners to bypass the position early in the draft. The team nearly pulled the trigger on Oher, and they might just want to end this rotation/experiment once and for all.

Iupati is the real deal, and has a lower bust potential, in my opinion. I love his frame and mobility. He'd take care of one of the guard positions for a long time.
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Buyer beware on Ciron Black... he has been looking like Kwame Harris jr. Awful, sluggish pass protector... good thing the QB is quick.

I'm an LSU fan and I was high on him before the year but now???? You'd better have a fster quarterback than is in there now.
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