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Raiders Cut 6th Round Pick Before Even Signing...

DE Stryker Sulak
thats why they are the Raiders
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
thats why they are the Raiders

this. why draft him then? maybe he's injured or something.
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I'm glad Al Davis is still alive.
One of the comments posted:

"apparently they discovered he was actually a good player, and they felt he wouldn't fit in with the team"
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Just checked his game play history and it seems hes played in every game since hes been in college. Scouting report says hes pretty athletic, a pass rush specialist and best bet would be as a 3-4 OLB in the NFL. He will be claimed.
Analysis - from

Positives: Good initial quickness off the snap. ... Has some flexibility to get under the tackle and around the edge to close on the passer. ... Good short-area burst to close effectively and can explode into the quarterback to create fumbles. ... Good use of hands to rip the ball away from the ballcarrier. ... At least adequate feel for the running game. ... Good lateral quickness to scrape and stretch the play wide. ... Can break down in space to make tackles in the open field.

Negatives: Classic "tweener" lacking the fluid hips to change direction and the straight-line speed for coverage. ... Lacks the bulk and strength to hold up in the running game. ... Too often loses sight of the ball by rushing vertically upfield, leaving gaping holes for the offense to exploit. ... Has a naturally lanky build and may struggle to add considerable mass.

Interesting they cut him but someone in comments of the article cited noted that they are over loaded at DE.
I hope he tears it up on another team just to show Oak that they made a mistake...again.
I didn't think he was a bad prospect. He just didn't quite have the lateral agility to go with his straight-line speed to succeed at LB other than on special teams.

He must be happy as hell that the Raiders cut him. Now he has the opportunity to play with a better team.
Well, they did sign Greg Ellis...
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Originally posted by darkknight49:
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
thats why they are the Raiders

this. why draft him then? maybe he's injured or something.

He has a cool name and they thought it would go well with the "Raider Image."

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the 40 time probably wasn't good enough for Al.
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Stupid Raiders are doomed.
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