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Originally posted by Apples:
The Colts had the 1st and 2nd pick in the early 90s.

That was the 92 draft and what a horrible draft to have the top two picks if you look at the first round not a great player is there and the best two players were probably Darren Woodson second round and Brad Johnson ninth round.
P.S. our first four picks Dana Hall (Could of Had Woodson ) Amp Lee (could of had Edgar Bennett ) Brad Bollinger (who?)
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Originally posted by volniner:
With our first pick in addition to carolinas first next year we could possibly be the first team to have the first and second picks in the draft. You wouldn't think that we both won't be that bad but I actually see this as a small possibility.
our pick definitley has a chance of being the no. 1 pick but the carolina pick i doubt will be that high. they got a qb so they will compete for the division, we will be third in our division at best unless az and sea have injury problems.
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Originally posted by Mike8016:
hopefully the Panthers suck it up next year and we got the number 1 pick.
we have a better chance at getting the top pick.
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