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Brady Quinn anyone???

Brady Quinn anyone???

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I say get through the draft first, could be a stud in the ruff in terms of a QB in the late rounds. Than you can keep those picks and make the team even that much better next year.
I just figured everyone is talking about QB in next years draft so why not get a young player with a couple years under his belt.

Quinn to Crabtree??
no thanks.
none of the above
At this point, not a chance.

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Where's the option for "EFF THAT"
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Originally posted by 49erFaithful:
no thanks.

Hell no. Quinn hasn't proven anything more than Alex Smith has at this point, no reason to waste picks on him.
Today McCloughan said that, ''As everybody is well aware, ones are huge, especially, if we want to do anything with that pick anytime here out to next year..."

This tells me that the Niners might be thinking about using a first rounder to trade for a player this year. Now that we locked up Crabtree, and don't need Braylon or Boldin, what about trading for Brady Quinn?

IMO, getting Quinn for what amounts to a 2nd rounder would be a great deal.

Wow, you actually think Quinn is good? That's funny

Man, Cleveland must have too many young good QB's to give up.
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is the consensus in browns land that quinn sucks? is anderson their starter? someone fill me in
Hes not worth a 1st or a second

Quinn is the real deal...
I belive Brady has a problem with accuracy. So no thanks Maybe we can get someone next year.
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