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Playoffs, everything on the line- Kaep or Romo?

What do you think?
Flip a coin. No reason to think that Kaepernick will not rise to the occasion on national TV again. I really do think the 49ers are going to stick it to the Patriots Sunday Night. Especially if Seattle continues their trend of blowing it on the East Coast. No way we'll let the Seachickens have the satisfaction of playing for the division the week after if we don't have to.

Romo and Pittsburgh is going to be a grind. I can see lots and lots of yards, and not many points being scored until late in the game. With the season on the line though, anything goes.
True true. What about Ridley? Guy's been money all year but against that niners run D I don't think he'll score. I just picked up David Wilson. I think he's worth a shot.
I'll choose Kaep. More upside plus rushing yards. But what do I know, I'm bias

My turn.. In a 2QB League-

Foles vs. CIN
Weeden vs. WAS
Bradford vs. MIN

Brees is my other starter. Weak ass QBs for a fantasy playoff game, but I got in!
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