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Playoffs on the line

Down 1 game with one last chance and pretty much have to squeeze every point I can get.

Here's my options at qb

Stafford v Hou
Luck v Buf

Or I could pick up Henne against Ten or Smith v NO.

I'm sick of Stafford. The guy seriously misses 4 wide open deep plays every game. I swear Calvin would have 2,000 yards if he could just throw on target on a consistent basis.
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Luck Hands down.
Originally posted by Garcia:
Luck Hands down.

And I revisit the subject. If it looks like Kap's going to play does that change anyone's mind?

New Orleans shut down Vick but the rest of the athletic qbs racked up fantasy points galore on them. Luck looks like a good play against Buffalo but that ran defense is so bad I'm worried they'll steal alot from Luck.

Great match-up, he's playing well, and the Bills will likely keep scoring on Indy's D as well to keep him passing plenty.
Picked up Kap but didn't have the stones to play him.

Don't let me down Luck.
Go with Stafford.
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Go with Stafford.

He's had 2 good fantasy games and it's the 2 weeks I don't play him. God do I hate him.
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