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Fleaflicker not working because of Sandy?

Anyone else having a problem getting onto fleaflicker?
I am.
Originally posted by Fincham11:
I am.

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Yah, this sucks... I wonder how long it will be down?

I know at my place in Manhattan they are saying no electricity for up to a week.
FF Fantasy Football ‏@fleaflicker
@yds89 Thank you, we're hopeful. Keep checking our Twitter and Facebook feed for updates.
FF Fantasy Football ‏@fleaflicker
@Luckett27 @Its_DrewFerg @TradingSavage Matt, we're working hard and trying to restore things ASAP in this nation's emergency.
FF Fantasy Football ‏@fleaflicker
@yds89 Check the NFL Gamebook, we will reflect official statistics
FF Fantasy Football ‏@fleaflicker
@CubsFanInTx Thanks, Matthew. We're trying to stay as safe as possible and doing our best to restore the site ASAP in the nation's emergency