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Potential Huge Trade (s) ....

  • Garce
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I took the trade.

Here is what my team will look like.

Drew Brees
Arian Foster
Matt Forter
Brandon Marshall
Julio Jones
Aaron Hernandez/Pettigrew
Flex - James Jones
Steelers D
S Graham

Ben Tate
Lance Moore
Kendall Hunter
Alex Green
Chargers D
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  • gage
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take that trade!

edit: cool.
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  • Garce
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Originally posted by gage:
take that trade!

edit: cool.

yeah... i couldn't wait.
Had to pull the trigger on that one.

Brees has some good matchups late in the year and he will be firing on all cylinders to get his team a wildcard spot... with a juicy matchup with carolina for the championship in week 17... which I fully intend on being there. I would think that Matt Ryan will be sitting out like Rodgers did last year. Thats mainly why I made the trade. + Fred Jackson doesn't have good match ups late in the year and I picked up a good D.

I'm pretty stoked.
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