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Question for which RB to start...

In a 12 team league I ended up with the following line up:

QB: Cutler
RB: Foster
RB: Sproles
WR: Jennings
WR: Austin
TE: Gronk
K: Prater
DST: Ravens

QB: Cassell
RB: The Lawfirm
RB: Ridley
WR: Titus Young
WR: Crabtree

I'm not sure what's expected of The Lawfirm this year, but I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be the lead carrier in Cincy. Would you guys start Sproles or The Lawfirm?
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I would answer this question but you won't tell me who the other RB is
Your lineup looks fine.
Originally posted by ImaMod:
I would answer this question but you won't tell me who the other RB is

Lol what? I did. Should I start Sproles or Green-Ellis?
No flex spot? I like sproles over BGE, specially in ppr. You can always play the matchup game as well.
Yeah, I don't know why but my commissioner didn't want to have a flex option even though I strongly suggested it because last year we ran into problems by not having that flex option. And this league isn't PPR either. My commitioner is pretty stupid. And yeah, I definitely usually will play the matchups too, except for my top guns like Gronk and Foster; those guys will always start.
Yeah, no PPR definitely lowers Sproles' value. Still a good back to have though. Plenty of points to be made in that offense.

Like you said, just play the matchup game. You know BGE is going to have some tough defensive matchups in that division, so nice to have Sproles there as a nice option on those days
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Darren Sproles vs. Redskins

Ahmad Bradshaw vs. Cowboys
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Who should I cut?

which two should I carry on my fantasy team: al Morris, Roy helu or taiwan jones?

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