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webzone bosses, and erwin

Originally posted by toeshawn:
Donald brown available for a receiver

Greg Little lets go
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who iz i playing week one?
Matt Ryan and Alshon Jeffrey are on the block. Looking for RB.
Who is been fweago?
Originally posted by pelos21:
Who is been fweago?

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Andre Johnson open for trade
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two bay area powerhouse's going head to head in week one!

one called the Bay Area Home for quite some time, till he took his talents down to So.Cal

the other still resides in the bay!

should make for a good battle!
I have a serious question...If I thouroughly spank the s**t out of toe week 1, will you guys lose respect for him as a commish? I dont want to damage his image in our league is what I'm saying.
I might.

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Lol no
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You're going down brochacho
who's this christian punk? he's going to get dealt with
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me vs. damanrath

more points in tonights game

Victor Cruz (me) or Dez Bryant (rath) ?
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