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Line Up Advice....Week 12

Standard Scoring.....6-team league......2RB/2WR/TE/WR-TE/WR-RB.....potential starters in UNDERLINED.

Turner vs Min
Blount @ Ten
Mendenhall vs KC
Benson vs Cle
S Smith @ Indy
Robinson vs Mia
Jax vs Den
Moore vs Chi
J Jones vs Min
Austin vs Mia (Probably Out)
AJ Green vs Cle
Gates vs Den
Davis @ Bal

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Start at RB:

-C. Benson
-M. Turner

Start at WR:

-S. Smith
-L. Robinson

Start at TE:


Start at WR/TE:

-V. Davis

Start at WR/RB:

-L. Blount
No offense, but for a 6 team league that is a VERY underwhelming squad.
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