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HELP! Need last minute start advice! So many players out!

I'm pretty hosed this week. I spent the first half of the week scrambling because my top 3 WRs (Roddy, Holmes, DHB) are all on bye.

But now half my RBs are out with injuries (Blount, Thomas, Tolbert).

So right now my starters are:

QB - Romo
WR - Victor Cruz, Jerome Simpson, David Nelson
RB - Gore, Torain, Hunter
TE - Hernandez

How frickin' weak is that!?

It looks like Sanders will start in the Pit/NE game, so I'm thinking about picking him up and starting him over David Nelson. I'd have to drop Nelson to that, which I'm okay with.

What do you guys think? Emmanual Sanders or David Nelson?

I know, it's pretty sad days when this a big decision for your team. But as you can see, I'm really struggling to field a full line up this weekend.
Not PPR, btw...
Sanders, I'm starting him this week. Ward is out so its good

I waffled too long and someone else grabbed him.

DAMN YOU ESPN! Way too much Sanders coverage!
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