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Denarius Moore or Darius Hayward-Bey?

Denarius Moore or Darius Hayward-Bey?

I have Moore, but it sure looks like DHB has been the primary WR ever since he got back from his injury. I really don't want carry two Raiders WRs, so if I pick up DHB it's going to be at Moore's expense.

Right now my starting WRs are Roddy, Holmes and Cruz, with Laurent Robinson and Moore on my bench. So I really need some more production from the WR position.

Which WR is going to be the best fantasy WR going forward?
Ooof. Tough call because I think DHB is just getting warmed up as well. Might wanna double check your waiver wire and see who got hot this week, too.

I think the two will have the same stats....just not at the same time, if you know what I mean? Read up closely on the Raiders this week and make your choice after doing a little more homework.
Good advice, Zilla. Thanks.

Other WRs that have recently become available are Torrey Smith and David Nelson.

Nelson is interesting. But so far he hasn't actually put up the kind of numbers people think he should.

I'll go see if I can find some Raiders articles....
Id go for Bey. Moore is going to lose alot of touches to Ford in pass,return and rush yds.
I had to make this same decision this week, and I went with Heyward-Bey. With the return of Jacoby Ford it looks like Moore's role will become more diminished. He had 0 points last week against Houston, and I see DHB as Campbell's go to reciever.
I chose DHB. And it looks like that was the right call. But now, with Campbell out for the year, I'm not sure if DHB will continue to have value.

I'm pretty hosed at WR, tho, so I could easily still end up starting DHB. My other guys are Roddy, Holmes, and Cruz, and we start 3.
It was a mighty nice call. I added DHB in 3 leagues this week. I believe this Palmer thing is going to work out well. Raiders bringing in 30-something vets always does. Plunkett,'s just something about that franchise, I guess.
My only concern now is that Palmer might develop chemistry with another WR. But right now DHB is my most productive WR (damn you, Roddy White!!). So I really hope he becomes Palmer's new favorite Ochocinco.
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