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Blount, Gore, Chris Johnson Pick 2

Gore v TB
Blount v SF
Johnson v Pit

Not sure who to start in this week. Leaning towards Gore and Blount but don't like the idea of playing 2 guys in the same game.
Johnson. Steelers havve some dudes on D who are gonna be out this week

We have the best run D in the league
Do not start Blount. He'll get 23 carries for 23 yards at Candlestick.
Blount is an easy sit this week
This is not just the homer in us talking. The 49ers run defense is no-b******t unstoppable. I know the streak has to end sometime, but I would never bet against the Niners D right now.

On that leg, if they are still available in your league, pick them up!
Yeah I'd make it Johnson and Gore. 49ers have the best run D, and are great against backs like Blount. The Steelers have already given up a couple of 100 rushing days this year, and they will be without James Harrison for sure and possibly Aaron Smith.
You guys did not let me down Thanks for the advice.
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