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Should I drop Dallas Clark for Fred Davis or Scott Chandler

Should I drop Dallas Clark for Fred Davis or Scott Chandler

My two TEs are Dallas Clark and Aaron Hernandez. Hernandez is injured, but with how big that Pats passing game is, I'd like to hang onto him.

Dallas Clark is not looking like he's worth a start, and I can't afford to just wait on two TEs. So I'm thinking about dropping Clark to pick one of the two TEs that were just dropped.

I have top waiver priority. So I basically get to pick whichever of the two I want. I'm leaning towards Davis, because he seems to be rated higher everywhere. But Chandler has had a TD every week....
Also, as another "out of the box" idea, I could pick up James Casey.

It's an interesting idea because he's kind of a RB but can be started as a TE.

Probably not the best pick up, but I do think the idea of a TE/RB is interesting....
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Scott Chandlers all the way
I have Clark and Hernandez too.
I already dropped Clark to pick up Victor Cruz (I have WR issues...)

My plan now is to drop Woodhead and pick up Chandler.

My logic is Cooley makes Davis less attractive. And Chandler has a later bye week, which gives Hernandez more time to get healthy.
Chandler has a QB I trust more. Reason enough.
On MNF, Cooley had 4 catches to Davis' 1. So in retrospect, Chandler > Davis.
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