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Holler at ya boy! I need help with my FLEX spot...

Who should I start?

Hightower @ DAL
Tolbert KC
D. Nelson NE

Good lookin!
Tolbert is going to score 66 touchdowns against Kansas City
U have Tolbert why are u even asking this?
I hear ya but I sat him last week and it worked out. I'm leaning towards him anyway...but feedback from different perspectives is always good IMO. We can revisit this after week 3 and see if my question was valid enough for you...
Hightower on the road at Dallas' big homecomig game, plus its one of those archrivalry games? No bueno.

I don't even know who the hell D. Nelson is. He is certainly not Mike Tolbert.


By far.
I'd go Tolbert.
Thanks y'all
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