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mark INGRAM @ Packers or javid BEST @ Buccaneers

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Originally posted by Niners99:
why are people even looking at matchups this week? its a total crapshoot who will be good or bad on D this year. defenses change every year, so i wouldnt put your money on any of them. just play who you like for a few weeks until it becomes apparent who is stuffing the run, or pass, or both, etc.

So, if you have to make pick - will you pick Packers D to go against or Bucs D? I think the answer is obvious. Packers D is pretty damn good, and it's not like it has changed a lot from last year.
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I also have Ingram, but i'm starting Gore and Ray Rice ahead of him. I may have to whip him out later in the year
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Originally posted by krizay:
Ingram is the goal line back for a high power offense. Not too mention will still get carries, throughout the game. While Harrison will likely be Detroit's goal line back. Ingram and Best will both likely get roughly the same amount of carries (13-15). Give me the guy at the goalline.

well........ he had his chances but........
Originally posted by krizay:
well........ he had his chances but........

You don't bench ingram for best!

I'm biased since he's on my fantasy squad