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Mcfadden or Mendenhall?

Simple question. Who would you rather have, Mcfadden or Mendenhall? And why?
Mendelhall for me, simply due to injury concerns and Pitt should always be in a close game or leading it

Raiders offense doesn't stay in the field as long as the Steelers and they may trail in the game towards the end more often than not which means more passing and less running
IMO, McFadden. Steelers are going to have a more aerial attack, while Hue Jackson is going to revolve his offense around McFadden. Also, an added bonus is that McFadden has an easier schedule than Mendenhall.
Mendenhall McFadden cant stay healthy and has 2 good backs who are gonna steal carries. Theres no one behind Mendenhall.
Mendenhall. Michael Bush takes too many touches away from McFadden.
PPR take McFadden
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
PPR take McFadden

Its a PPR league, shoulda mentioned that
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
PPR take McFadden

Originally posted by 49erfoeva:
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
PPR take McFadden

Its a PPR league, shoulda mentioned that

does make a difference, I might go Micky on this one
I play nonPPR and I'd prefer Mendenhall.

I think he's more consistent.

And usually with RB1s my top priority is to get a guy that doesn't split carries.

McFadden in any type of league settings
Mcfadden. He hasn't hit his ceiling yet, and if the receivers develop, then you could see 5+ ypa from him. Hes a powerful burner
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Mendenhall and it isn't close. McFadden has a new Oline, hasn't shown he can stay healthy, competition for touches, and a lousy passing game. Take Baltimore out of the mix and Pitt plays maybe weakest defensive schedules in the league (they get the NFC West, who DMC got a good chunk against last year), plus they have a real passing game.
I would go with Mendenhall all the way

I am staying away from McFadden this season, I have serious doubts that he will be able to repeat last year's performance and he is going very early in drafts. I dropped him pretty low in my rankings, and don't plan on getting him unless he falls drastically in my draft.
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