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Would you trade B. Jacobs for M. Tolbert & J. Starks?

Would you trade B. Jacobs for M. Tolbert & J. Starks?

The pre-season trade I am confronted with is...


Why would I get rid of Brandon Jacobs? I'm in an auction league, and my RB depth is weak.

Here is my current roster:

Drew Brees
Michael Turner
Matt Forte
Brandon Jacobs (FLEX)
Calvin Johnson
Jordy Nelson
Kellen Winslow
Josh Brown
NO Defense

Hines Ward
Malcolm Floyd
Derrick Ward
Jason Snelling

Of course, Jordy is interchangeable with Floyd & Hines, but that's irrelevant right now. Let me know about the trade!

UPDATE: The trade was never officially offered. The guy and I are talking about it. Hopefully, we can get it done soon.
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I like both Tolbert and Starks more than Jacobs.

Jacobs is not going to get the majority of the carries unless Bradshaw gets hurt. That's something we know.

The RB situations in SD and GB are still unknown. Matthews and Grant are the presumptive starters, but that's just a guess. Both Tolbert and Starks still have a very good chance of being getting the majority of carries on their team.

I'd rather roll the dice with Tolbert and Starks, hoping one of them turns into a solid weekly start, than go with Jacobs, who I know is always going to play second fiddle to Bradshaw.
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hell yeah
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there is no doubt yes
Tolbert > Jacobs. Stark = Jacobs. So yeah I'll do it.
Doooo eeeetttttttt
Brandon Jacobs>Mike Tolbert
Brandon Jacobs>James Starks


Both of them obviously gets more production than just the one.
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