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Anyone want to do an ESPN Leauge today?

I'm thinking of doing one via the "join a live draft" sometime in the next little bit, maybe as soon as a half an hour or so.

If anyone is game, we can all join the same league.

If there is enough interest and/or if people are interested but things don't happen fast enough for the one I might do today, I'm open to setting up a league for a future draft date.
I could do one if it is pretty soon
I'm running out for some grub right now. Be back in about 10 minutes or so and will probably look to join one shortly after that. I'll let you know once I'm back and if you're game (and anyone else it) we can join a live draft.
I'm down
I'm back and ready to draft.

Who's in?
I can do it
There is one at 4:25 (EST) That is empty if we want to fill it up.

Draft Room
I joined. I'm UT
I'm in Jarvie
Anyone else? If it doesn't fill up or we need more time, we can jump to another room.

league is full. Are any of you in it?
Originally posted by CdnNinerfan:
I'm in Jarvie

Cool. Looks like it's you and me. Don't know that Tony joined.
it doesnt look like it
2 sh*thawks fans though
Originally posted by CdnNinerfan:
2 sh*thawks fans though

All the more fun to kick their asses.
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