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Fantasy HELP! Pick my flex player!

Fantasy HELP! Pick my flex player!

They all play at home this week. Im torn between the 3 but am leaning towards Stewart because he's a lock for a lot of touches. Rice and Floyd can disappear sometimes, although they both have big upsides.


QB-J. Kitna
RB-A. Foster
RB-J. Charles
RB/WR- ?
WR- A. Johnson
WR- C. Johnson
TE- C. Cooley
K- randoms, probably J Reed this week

With a roster loaded like this Im only 7-6, and tied for division lead. I dont play the guy Im tied with this week, and I hold the tie breaker. A win and Im in, or if the guy Im in the tie with loses, Im in.

His QB is P. Rivers, so should that push me towards starting Floyd? Im thinking if Rivers blows up, then Floyd blows up, or vice versa, which would help hedge my bet.

My head hurts. Like I said, I need help.

Also, is A. Johnson even playing this week? Did he reinjure himself, or is it just the same problem he's been dealing with for the past few weeks now? He's a Monday night play, so I guess thats another thing to consider.
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