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Would you reject this trade?

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Originally posted by AmpLee:
Originally posted by krizay:
Originally posted by AmpLee:
Okay so here's my thinking. My WR's are Nicks, Jennings, Marshall, and Wallace. My RB's are Foster, Gore, Moreno, LT, and Reggie Bush. My TE's are Keller and Z. Miller. I'm in first place and clicking on all cylinders, but my TE play has been lacking as of lately and I can give myself an unbelievable starting lineup if I sacrifice a little depth. The reason why I'm posting this thread is this trade might get vetoed and it would make no sense for them to veto a trade that makes my team slightly worse if anything. Does this info change things?

No it doesn't (shouldn't) change anything. The ONLY reason any trade should be vetoed is if there's collusion involved. That's it! This clearly isn't the case. Furthermore, Ronnie Brown's playoff schedule is Yummy! Especially compared to LT's Pitt & Chi. Yes he hasn't done much but.... Buff and det vs Pitt and Chi?

I'd personally prefer Miller over VD but that's just me. Especially with the Den and IND playoff matchup.

I'm just not liking Miller without Campbell as the starting QB. Aside from one game all of Millers good production has come with Gradkowski as the QB.

Campbell is starting to get comfortable in Raider's offense. Campbell and Cooley were pretty good combo in DC and I don't see any reason why Miller can't be effective with Campbell.
1) I wouldnt make that deal if I was you
2) No way the deal should be vetoed
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Obviously I made the trade because I felt I was getting the better end of the deal. This is my prediction and why I did it.

LT's stock is high but he hasn't looked good the past few weeks against a couple poor defenses too. I think he was a perfect sell high candidate and his best football of the year is behind him.

Ronnie Brown is a great buy low candidate. As krizay pointed out, he has a great playoff schedule. He's riding the bench unless he gets hot as LT would have. I have enough talent at RB to make this move.

Vernon is going to step it up the second half of the year. He's already having a good year, but I think Troy Smith might inject a little life in this offense. I think he's worth the risk at this point and is a safer weekly play than the boom or bust my current TE's have been.

Mike Wallace will continue to have success. I didn't want to give up Wallace, but he's not supplanting Nicks or Jennings anytime soon so he was expendable. You have to give it up to get something in return. Plus I have the very talented Brandon Marshall who I think will have a nice second half of the season.
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