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2nd WebZone League ( | BOISENINER IS CHAMPION!

Originally posted by BoiseNiner:
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Congrats Boise on your win and championship.
I was idiot for sitting Cutler and Forte and
it cost me. However,you had the best team
all year and deserve it.

Thanks man. At least I got one championship in the bag. My other championship team choked bad. This probably wasn't my best team but it was hard to beat all year long in this league. Just glad I was able to beat the two guys in the playoffs that beat me during the regular season.

Not really surprised you sat Forte going against the Jets run defense but I was surprised you sat Cutler. It would have made it a lot closer.

I thought Kitna against the Cards was a better matchup than Cutler against the Jets and their supposidly strong defense. I didnt know Kitna would get hurt and Cutler would go off. Oh well... At least I won the Yahoo WZ league.
Bump for props to the Champ.
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
Bump for props to the Champ.

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