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Interested if a spot is still open.
FOUR spots remain!
2 more

I'm with you too
I want in if room
is this standard scoring
Need 1 more. draft tomorrow night.
Originally posted by krizay:
Need 1 more. draft tomorrow night.


We had us a dropper, who wants in for the INSANITY???????!!!!!!
can you guys try and find a replacement for me. I joined another league that's more to my liking that has a draft time that inteferes with this one.

I'm not just going to up and leave this close to you guys' draft time. But if you can find a replacement that would be awesome.

Thank you

Ready to go! Finished third last year, second the year before I need to win this thing already!!
we draft tonight
It happened! IT HAPPENED!!!!
what happened
Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
what happened

the craziest draft you will ever see. seriously i won this league 2 years ago(trump all). it is an in depth draft, that just goes. you draft 3rd and 4th string WRs.
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