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Rate my mock por favor

3rd pick 10 team

1. MJD
2. Ryan Matthews
3. Matt Schaub
4. Vincent Jackson
5. Chad Ocho Cinco
6. Pierre Garcon
7. Jermichael Finley
8. Alex Smith
9. Montario Hardesty
10. Derrick Mason
11. 49ers
12. Justin Forsett
13. Mason Crosby
14. Dexter McCluster

Right after my draft i realized i wasnt feeling my receivers, went on jackson too early specialy cuz hes suspended.

hardesty was also a reach but i love my last pick i think he'll put up some stats

your WR's hurt you
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I think you should have gone with a receiver instead of Mathews
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You went too early on Vincent Jackson, but I still give you a solid B. Jermichael Finley is a steal in the 7th. Garcon in the 6th, reach. Justin Forsett in the 12th...huge steal wow.
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Originally posted by teeohh:
I think you should have gone with a receiver instead of Mathews

Or picked a flipping your 3rd and 4th rd picks i.e. taking a WR 3rd then QB 4th. I also think you picked up your backup QB too early. And me personally I like to take a Def/kicker with my last two picks.
Matt Schaub in the third really? I think that was certainly a reach to say the least. I don't trust him with his past durability. I also wouldn't have gone back to back running backs with MJD and Ryan Matthews. Your going to have an absence of WR till Jackson returns. I think your season's success rides on the hope of many unproven or risky players. If the majority of your risky picks pan out then you could have considerable success, though your absence of a true number one WR really hurts you. B-.
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