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Wr Help!! SOS

Om so I have a bit of a problem here. Both of my starting WR's are on a bye week this week. I have Bryant Johnson and Antonio Bryant as my bench WR's . Yea I know s**tty bench. I am thinking of picking up Malcom Floyd from SD and dropping Antonio Byant. Good idea bad idea?
The prodution ceiling for Bryant is a lot higher than Floyd's, despite the fact that Bryant has Josh Johnson throwing him the ball.

Floyd has to compete with Nanee, Gates and of course Jackson in that offence. He'll get you 3 catches for 40 yards if you're lucky.

Bryant Johnson's up against the Bears so he's a better player to drop. Who else is available for you on FA? Mark Bradley, Devone Bess and Justin Gage are all better options for week 4 in my opinion.

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Check and see if Mike Sims-Walker or Pierre Garçon is available
Hackim Nicks and Syndey Rice are available. I need to take a look at my other options. Damn IT nazi's blocked the FF sight that I use so I can't even log in. I was looking by using my phone but damn it is slower than slow sometimes
Rice #2 in MIN
Nicks #4 in NY unless Hixon is not good to go this week, which I believe he is
Originally posted by Dino:
Check and see if Mike Sims-Walker or Pierre Garçon is available

yeah garcon. not a great week to week starter but is not a bad replacement. he has a great chance at getting you a TD and 50+ yds.
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