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Quik vote pleez

Quik vote pleez

for this upcoming week Vernon over Witten may not be THAT crazy of an idea
I have both. Reached to get Witten (and felt good about it). Picked up Davis in the very last round, in part because I'm a homer. Now I'm as happy as anyone that Davis had a great game last week, and I know he's playing the Rams this week. But are you taking crazy pills brother? As a 9er fan I would love to see Davis put up better numbers than Witten all year. But, until further notice, if you're looking to win in fantasy you DO NOT BENCH JASON WITTEN, not even for VD.

Oh also... water is wet.
Never bench Witten, not even over Davis. Davis has yet to show he can be consistent, the only time Witten doesn't perform is if he has an injury.

Witten is Romo's favorite target
Thanks guys... I guess I have been taking crazy pills.
I cannot imagine not playing Witten any week. Stick with him against Denver
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