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PPR: Slaton LJ Leon Washington Cadillac

Pick 3 and why. Thanks.
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Slaton, Washington, Williams

Slaton got a lot of pass targets last season and a lot of YAC

Washington is a threat to score anytime he touches the ball

Williams got the bulk of the carries last week against Dallas and looked really strong
Slaton: You didn't draft him early to sit him. While his match up doesn't look great against a strong D like Tenn you have to keep in mind his previous success against them last year. The Texans need Slaton in this game if they are going to even have a chance against the Titans. In PPR leagues it's an even easier choice for me here.

Leon: My easiest choice here. He'll be MR. Everything in this game against the Patriots. In PPR leagues he's honestly a better play than Thomas Jones this week IMO. Look for the Jets to line him out wide in this game and utilize him plenty with shorts screens out of the backfield.

The toughest one for me is Caddy vs. LJ as your 3rd back. 3 headed RB attacks always make it difficult to predict but Williams looked strong in the preseason and last week against the Cowboys. The Raiders Def actually looked solid at times on Monday Night but LJ has owned them in his career. LJ did however look pretty mediocre last week.

Even though Caddy is playing in a 3 man backfield I honestly trust him more than LJ. Call me crazy.
Thank you both.

Yeah Boise I'm struggling with the LJ vs. Caddy thing too. For the exact same reasons.
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Slaton had 2 good games versus Tennessee last year. Over 100 yards each game.

Cadillac I can't remember who they are playing. All I know is I'm starting him over Mike Bell. So I must think it's a good play

I would likely start Leon as my 3rd though my gut says LJ since Charles is out.

Screw it. Slaton/Caddy and LJ.
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