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Pick Wk 2 QB

Campbell vs. Rams, Collins vs. Texans, Hill vs. Hawks, Sanchez vs. Patriots, or Edwards vs. Bucs.

I have McNabb doubt he'll play, so I need one of these guys as a backup. THanks fellas. Leaning towards Campbell since I have Cooley, Collins since I have Gage, and Hill with Gore.
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I'd go with Jason Campbell from that list.

[ Edited by crzy on Sep 15, 2009 at 07:25:24 ]
I hope the rest of your team is solid because your roster looks like a QB junk yard.
whaddaya mean? My WRs are Hines, Gage, E. Bennett, and Crayton. RBs are Gore, Westbrook, R. Brown, and C. Williams. TEs are Cooley and Shockey.
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I would lean towards Collins myself. But that's just me.
I like Campbell.
Thanks guys, I dropped Sanchez and picked up Campbell since he has the Rams and Lions the next two weeks.
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