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Bryant Young honored by 49ers Hall of Fame induction, eager to see if team sack record can be surpassed

Jun 24, 2020 at 10:50 AM--

Bryant Young will become the 29th inductee into the Edward J. DeBartolo Sr. San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame. The Super Bowl-winning defensive tackle jumped on a video conference call with reporters on Wednesday to discuss the honor, which was officially announced on Tuesday by CEO Jed York.

"We had a conversation, and [York] just told me that I was going to be the next inductee into the 49ers Hall of Fame," Young said. "It definitely was an awesome honor. I was thrilled. I was excited to hear the news from Jed. So yeah, that's how I found out."

Young was also asked about the current 49ers roster, and if anyone on the defense is capable of surpassing his team-record 89.5 career sacks. Young once thought that Aldon Smith could do it. Of course, that was before his career was derailed.

"I think, in this day and age, anybody is capable of passing and breaking records," Young shared. "I think records, they're there as a benchmark to achieve more, and accomplish more, and to break. So, definitely, there are guys there that have the potential to exceed that. We'll just sit back, eat our popcorn, and watch and see what happens."

He added that now it's up players like Nick Bosa to try to surpass his record.

Young also said he wouldn't dismiss the possibility of joining the 49ers in some way, possibly as a coach, down the road. He spent time as the defensive line coach with the Atlanta Falcons after moving through the college coaching ranks with stints at Notre Dame, San Jose State, and Florida.

"I definitely would love to listen and be welcomed to it, if there's an opportunity there," Young said. "I'm always willing to jump in and be part of an awesome organization in a different capacity, in whatever way I can help. So I'm definitely all ears to listen."

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