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***NBA PLAYOFFS 2016-2017 Thread***

Let the Games Begin!
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Originally posted by 4ML:
Originally posted by JustinMT:
I wanna see Milwaukee take on the Cavs. That's a tough, young team that could give them hell. Giannis and company could win 1-2 games against them imo. Toronto is worse than last year, and Washington could give them trouble. Boston... just depends which team shows up.

Huge fan of Giannis. Have been talking about him before he gained some fame. If Lebron retired today - he'd be my favorite player to watch.

I think of Giannis as a fusion of Lebron and Durant physically and to a point skill-wise. That's scary.

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Don't be hatin'

But, Lebron will be back. Don't lose your s**ts yet. Still full on TeamBron but will be rooting hard for Giannis in these playoffs.
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I'm confused. Why was the 2 year old thread bumped?
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